• We are restarting after having enough of social media. I'm totally convinced this is a better way to network with like-minded people. Come join us build our online photo club.


Hello New York Photographers


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My name is Rich and I was the originator of NYphotoforum and after a few years of missing having a place to have likeminded photographers. I figured it was time to restart our Long running forum.

The only goal of this site will be critiquing photos at every level. It does not matter what gear you used to get the photo , The image is the only thing that matters here. Ever photo posted does not need to be 100% perfect.

My personal goal for a photo is to tell a story, strike up feeling or just record your actions. None here will be better than anyone we all have the right to tell our story our way. The many years of running a forum has made me realize that we all have a right to photograph our way we are all different.

Lets all be respectful of our fellow photographers and have a good time. Please just act as respectful as you would as if we were in a local club , face to face. If this goes as good as our other forum we will have meet ups and trips.

Im excited to see how this goes
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Glad to see you have started things back up Rich. Looking forward to seeing what people come up with and contributing again.

Thank you for getting NYPF back online.